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Online Classical Music Competition in India

Join our musical competition to discover and promote talented classical musicians from all over India. 

Our competition has two parts: regional and national. In the regional round, musicians from each state will compete. The winners from each state will move to the national round, which will be held online. Finalists will send in videos to be judged by famous classical musicians. They'll be looking at technique, expression, and originality.


The winners get cash, trophies, and certificates. They'll also be featured on the website.

To participate in our competition, you need to:

  1. Be a student of a music teacher, academic institution, or a freelancer.

  2. Be at least 8 years old.

  3. Sing only Karnatik Music compositions of Vāggéyakārars or composers who passed away before 1961, with an exception for Papanasam Sivan.

  4. Prepare to sing varnams, Kritis, Padams, and Javalis.

  5. Not sing thillanas, even at the evaluation stage, as they won't be accepted as a composition.

  6. Send your entry as a video running for no more than 5 minutes, recorded on your mobile or a professional camera. Upload the video to your YouTube channel and make it publicly accessible. Provide the YouTube link in the registration form.

  7. Understand that the content you send for evaluation, as contest entries, becomes the property of the Competition, which can use it in any way they deem fit for promotion.

  8. Participants will have to use your own Sruti and instruments/vadhyams. 

  9. Note that anyone already graded on the All India Radio/Doordarshan list is not eligible to participate in this competition.

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