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About Us

Showcasing our Indian Vocalist and Music Genius, Semmangudi Maama

The existence of this website is because of the collective belief of Semmangudi’s grandson, Vivekanandan Krishnamoorthy, that his legendary work should reach the globe.


Shri Vivekanandan is a devoted follower of his grandfather’s work. He believes that his songs and Semmangudi Pani should be extensively spread using the most up-to-date technology for ease of listening at any time the listener desires, ensuring that our century-old musical heritage is passed on to the next generation, especially Carnatic music students, who can benefit the most from his recordings.

All of the recordings are from the vintage collection, with a portion of them digitally remastered for optimal clarity.

"They were all very dedicated to music, which was central to their lives. It came from their hearts. So there was depth in their music. Their dedication and depth was reflected in their music and drew large crowds. I can never forget their music."

Semmangudi, on the music of yesteryears

His Ragas and Swaras

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